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New Day
The deep dark void of affliction. I have had a new day! Click the icon to the left to listen to the emotional climax!

Beyond the Sea of Lies
When you feel you are being fed a non-stop diet of lies and rhetoric, know, truly, there is hope and light ahead. Just as there is always evil and ugliness in this life, more powerfully, there is positive and good. Know that the power of truth and light is truly in our hands—beyond the sea of lies. Click the icon to hear the first few minutes of the song.

A scenario about one night stands, with the prospect of fate thrown in. For some it can be a new love connection, for this person its a never-ending story of guilt and bad decisions.

A view of the calamity and struggle in the world, and the possibility of centering, and dreaming it away. Breathe in, Breathe out ...

A lyrical look at the misunderstandings of a friendship.

Crazy Believer
The idea when all is lost, that is the point when all is discovered.

Thinking and drinking, a common situation many have endeavored.

Mighty Love
Basically, self-explanatory. A universal-love song. Have we been here before? Are we experiencing relationships with people we have known before? Let us all spread goodwill and love around the world. Spreading love is like planting seeds. In a matter of time, you will change their minds. That is our mission in life.

Give Up Giving Up
It seems the title tells it all. The double negative equals a positive.

Once and For All
The actual title is "This Settles It Once and For All". How many times in our lives have we wanted to feel this way? Not vindictive, just a statement of fact.

Some technical information for those who are interested ...

Produced by White
Recorded by Gary Thompson and Steve Boyce
Mixed by Mark Miller and Steve Boyce at Luminant Audio
Mastered by Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering
Cover art by Roger Dean